At Republic Chambers we provide our professional services in a wide range of criminal law matters, including:

Violent Offences:

  • Assault & Aggravated Assault
  • Affray
  • Wounding
  • Grievous Bodily Harm
  • Firearms and other weapons offences
  • Homicide

Sexual Offences:

  • Rape
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Maintaining a Sexual Relationship with a Young Person
  • Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Young Person
  • Indecent Assault (including Assault with Indecent Intent)
  • Internet and Online sexual offences
  • Historical Sexual Offences

Dishonesty and Property Offences

  • Burglary
  • Stealing (including stealing from employers)
  • Fraud including Online and Electronic Fraud
  • Robbery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Trespass
  • Arson
  • Unlawfully Setting Fire to Property

Drug Offences

  • Drug Use & Possession
  • Drug Selling
  • Drug Trafficking, Manufacturing, Growing and Importation

Regulatory and Workplace Offences

  • Building and Planning offences including illegal building  works
  • Workplace bullying and sexual harassment

Traffic Offences

  • Drink Driving
  • Drug Driving
  • Miscellaneous Traffic Offences
  • Restricted Drivers Licence Applications


  • Lower Court
  • Court of Criminal Appeal
  • High Court